Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22nd, First stop: London

Grant and I just landed in London. We made it safely, even with the British Airways' "cabin crew" being on strike. The stand-in people did a great job-- however, a little less friendly and cold food. We are here for a 22 hr lay-over before making our way to Nairobi. We are at Starbucks right now and had to buy a Starbucks "Reward Card" (5 pounds) so we could use their "free" internet...grrrr (technically the 5 pounds can be used to buy a coffee later--I wish they told us that before we had already bought our coffee).

Anyways, we are meeting up with our cousins in China Town tonight and then spending the night with our cousin, Euan, in South London. We take another long flight to Nairobi, Kenya tomorrow morning and arrive at 9:30pm. I wonder if they will be serving "hot" food?

We will update you as quickly as the internet will allow us.

Claire and Grant

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