Sunday, May 2, 2010

Treasure Hunt

We have had a packed week full of fun activities as this was our last week of teaching for the April Holiday Program at Nyumbani. This is what our week conisited of:

Tuesday: Us 5 volunteers put on a treasure hunt for all the kids. There were four groups consisting of about 10-15 kids. We created clues that would take them to different places in Nyumbani, which would each have their own "challenge." These included: bobbing for passion fruit, obstacle course at the playground, penalty soccer shoot-out trying to score on Grant, spin the bat (but with a stick), and passing a ball from chin to chin. (See the pictures below.) The final treasure was ice cream sandwhiches for all the kids. It was so much fun watching the kids laugh and run with excitement. This was a highlight for Grant and I this week!

Wednesday: We took all the kids back to SPLASH, the waterslides in the afternoon. I think this was the only day it didn't rain all week! Once again I, Claire, was lucky enough to place ear-plugs into the kids ears!

Thursday: After teaching in the morning, the kids put on "Nyumbani's Got Talent." The children had a chance to dance, sing, memorize Bible verses, and act. In the mornings during the Holiday Program, some of the high schoolers were helping teach dances to the younger kids. These kids have moves!! Grant and I performed in the Talent Show with a high school girl named Grace. She sang the song "Think of Me" from the Phantom of the Opera (she chose the song!) and Grant played the guitar, I played the key board. I will post pictures on the next blog.

Friday: Today was Nyumbani Olympics! Grant and I helped put on the Olympics witha  few highschool boys. Events included: Soccer penalty shoot-out, basketball shoot-out, scooter race around the court-yard, juggling the soccerball for 30 sec, coke-bottle toss (it was 1/2 filled with water), and steal the flag. We had one injury in the coke bottle toss-- George (a high schooler) was hit in the lip with the bottle and required stiches. The Olympics ended after that (having to forgo the last few relay races we had planned). All in all, the kids had a fun time. All the 1st and 2nd place winners received medals!

Paul and Kevin successful in bobbing for passion fruit!

Phenny bobbing for passion fruit.

Trying to balance all the kids on the sea-saw in the playground.

Passing the ball from chin to chin. There was quite a lot of giggling in this "challenge!"

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