Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crater Lake Pics

Grant and I and the three other volunteers, Louise, Lene, and Heather went away this last weekend to Lake Navasha, about a 2 hr drive north of where we are staying in the Rift Valley Region. All 5 of us stayed one night at a campground in a banda, a one room hut that slept 5 people and had mosquito nets, a FLUSHING toilet and shower! You might say it was a 5 star banda!!

Saturday afternoon we hired a guide to take us to Crater Lake Game Sanctuary. This lake is next to a volcanic crater and surrounded by lush green grasslands that provide a home to Grevy's zebras, giraffe, African buffalo (I have a story about them later on in this blog), Grant and Thomas gazelles and Impalas. Our guide took us on a walking safari to see the animals (see pics below) and the small lake (which was green and not very impressive!)

The next day we woke up very early to go on a biking safari in Hell's Gate, the site where the scetches from the movie Lion King was inspired. See next blog with pics and adventorous stories...

Maasai Giraffe

Grevy's zebra--the smaller of the two types of zebras. They stand in groups to confuse predetors ofmany there are of them.

The African Buffalo-- the 2nd most deadly animal to humans. Even a lown Maasai warrior on a bike in the park came and walked with us so he was in a group.

Grant and I and our guide, Marcus, standing above Crater Lake-- nothing lives in the lake b/c it is so salty!
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