Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Day at the Waterslides

Today all 75 of the kids plus all the moms and uncles and volunteers were taken out to the waterslides. Ann Power, a saint of a person plus a sponser for some of the kids, payed for everyone to go to the slides. She is a judge at the international court level (living in France) and has been involved with Nyumbani for a number of years. She visits Nyumbani at least every year and usually takes all the kids somewhere. We were lucky to be around!!

I, Claire, was the nurse for all 75 of the kids today. I was given a first-aid kit and had the responsibility to place ear plugs into 25 kid's ears. Grant had the responsibilty of sliding, swimming, and splashing in the water. He was the fastest down the water slides!!

One thing that I have learned while working at Nyumbani is that many of the kids have ear infections, as a result from HIV, and has led to many kids having perferated ear drums, thus needing hearing aids. Swimming easily causes ear infections, so a way to prevent them is to wear ear plugs. For the little kids it became a "cool" thing and everyone seemed to be asking for them. However, the older kids did not think they were necessary!!

The whole day turned out well; no injuries and no fights. It beat all our expectations!!

Tata for now. We'll be back to teaching for the rest of the week and then we are going to take an excursion north to Hell's Gate where we are going to bike around animals!!

Love Claire and Grant

Older Nyumbani kids playing in the water.

Regan sliding down the waterslide. He is in standard 3.

Rosemary and Claire-- we weren't allowed to wear a bikini, so I had to wear a shirt.

Latia, standard 2, sliding down the waterslide.
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  1. Wow Claire and Grant! I have just caught up on all your blog posts and wonderful pictures. You are in our thoughts and prayers! How amazing. Thinking of you!! Love Carly