Friday, April 2, 2010

Respite Care Pics


Like Grant wrote previously, I have been working in the respite care as well as with the nurse for the whole of the orphanage. The respite care is a program that was started about 5 months ago for children with HIV and severe malnutrition. The children are refered from the sister program Lea Toto, clinics in 8 surrounding slums. The children recieve needed nutrition to stabilize them as well as other medication. The expectation is that a parent comes to the respite care cottage once a week to receive proper education on nutrition (however, this doesn't happen all the time as there are many social problems: alcoholism, single parents with jobs that can't get away, etc.) The goal is that the kids stay up to two weeks, but once again, the social problems usually keep them here longer. Also, we have been getting many sick kids with other infections, not just sever malnutrition. Currently, there are 4 of our babies in the hospital at this time getting treated for pneumonia, possible TB, diarrhea and vommitting, etc. Because of this we only have 3 babies currently in the respite care cottage right now!

Below are some pics of the babies!!

This is baby Ester working on her morning exercises. I help with "baby exercises" in the morning--stretching out legs, arms, and other developmentally appropriate exercises.

LILLIAN SLEEPING: she is 3 years and 4 months old. Her mother and brother died of HIV complications. Her dad is her caregiver, but makes minimal money as a conditional laborer. I accompanied her to the hospital as she was have high fevers, breathing 100x a minute, heart rate= 215. She had PCP pneumonia and has a history of having TB twice. She has yet to speak any words at the respite care.

CARLOS BEING FED: Carlos is about 2 years old. He is currently in the hospital with pneumonia. We think he might have aspirated when he was vommiting at the respite care.

ERIC: This boy is a "ham." He is about 2.5 years old and came to the respite care over 2 weeks ago with sever malnutrition. Now look at his chubby cheaks! He is one of the only kids who is quickly improving b/c he doesn't have any other underlying infections. Eric is just relearning how to walk with assistance and blabbering. When he came he couldn't stand!
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  1. It is so great to see pictures of you both looking so happy and relaxed. We are at shaw at present and everyone is asking about you and what you are doing. You are both really missed out here.
    Miss you also at easter but so glad that you are doing this. Keep up the photos Grant - they are awesome and make one feel that we can also experience along with you.


  2. Habari! Oh Claire, this makes me miss Litein. I loved Kenya and the people there. I hope you and Grant are learning a lot and growing closer as a family.